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Installation Services

Physical installation is the most overlooked component of any technology investment.  Enterprise customers spend the majority of their time evaluating solutions and budgeting for the physical cost of the devices.  As a result, installations are often rushed, put extra strain on internal IT staff and often lead to over-budget and under performing investments.

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Installation services include:

  • Wired & Wireless Technologies - We are technology and network agnostic, meaning our technicians are skilled at a wide range of solutions, regardless of the manufacturer or network provider. 
  • Rack & Stack - Minimize onsite installation time by having network components mounted and tested prior to installation.  

  • Inside Wiring - Most deployment services subcontract cabling services, leading to inflated costs, project delays or inconsistent quality.

  • Remote Test and Turn Up - Once the technology is physically installed, the next phase is to ensure proper performance.  Missing software updates, incompatible network devices, even environmental influences can lead to degraded performances.  Proper evaluation post installation helps identify potential issues and mitigate potential risks to user acceptance and experience.

  • Site Surveys (LAN, WLAN, 4G/5G/LTE Cellular Surveys) - Site surveys provide a robust blueprint for any installation project.  Without it, you may be overpaying for redundant devices, or have gaps in coverage leading to critical performance issues.  Site surveys are often the first budget cut, yet not including them can actually lead to overspending or poor performance issues

  • TaaS - Technicians as a Service provides ongoing installation support for your technology solution.  Devices fail, yet your business cannot afford to go down when your devices do.  

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