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Project Management

Complex integrations require environmental analysis and careful planning for the complexities of multi-generational devices.

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Large multi-site, multi-technology deployments often fail due to improper planning or lack of professional project management.  In reality, the complexity of coordination quickly overwhelms internal staff, leading to missed deadlines, costly site revisits and a whole host of issues that could be mitigated through proper project management.  According to Wellingtone, 55% of organizations don't have access to real-time KPIs. As a result, 50% of respondents said they spend one or more days manually collating project reports.

A PwC study of over 10,640 projects found that only a small fraction of companies, 2.5%, completed 100% of their projects successfully.  The rest either failed to meet some of their original targets or missed the original budget or deadlines.  These failures extract a heavy cost – failed IT projects alone cost the United States $50-$150B in lost revenue and productivity. (Forbes)

Key components for successful project management

  • Early planning discussions with all stakeholders
  • Scheduling consultations & planning
  • Regular communication with sites and stakeholders
  • Strategic problem solving
  • Project Status reports
Project Management